Quaterna Requiem Reviews

From: "Richard Stockwell"
Well I'll have a go at a review for the Brazilian Symphonic prog band Quaterna Requiem. I understand they may have at least three releases out. However the only one I have heard is "Velha Gravura". The album (available on CD) has 8 tracks. These are: Ramoniana; Aquartha; Velha Gravura; Tempestade; Madrugada; Toccata; Carceres; Elegia. This album is completely instumental and is a five member band. Instuments played are: Piano & Sintetizadore (Synthesizer?), Violin, Guitars & Viol? (Viola?), Baixo (Bass?) plus Bateria e Percuss? (drums & percussion). Guest musicians play oboe and flute. The album was recorded in 1990. The group comes from Rio de Janeiro as far as I know. The violin and keyboards take the lead on most tracks with some tasty sounding lead guitar in places. Some of the music is similiar to Hungarian band Solaris where the flute is added. The violin work brings to mind Jean Luc Ponty (although I must admit it has been a long time since I last heard any of his music). Those who like the Hungarian band "After Crying" might well be interested in this release as it is quite classical in places.

From: "Carsten Busch"
The second one "Quasimodo" is great as well! Featuring the fantastic 38 minute titlepiece including Gregorian chants and all of other stuff. Recommended!

From: "Leonardo" <>
For those who appreciated Quaterna Requiem?s Quasimodo I highly recommend their first CD : Velha Gravura. It?s the #1 brazilian prog masterpiece, IMHO, and close to the best keyboard classical influenced releases I?ve already listenened. This disk has an excellent  violonist (Kleber Vogel) and the keyboardist/composer is an amazing musician. Unfortunately , it?s so hard to find, even in Brazil :(( .

From: "Craig Shipley" <>
Quaterna Requiem - QUASIMODO - Well, as someone had mentioned this CD in his "best of" for 1998 and I let 'em know it was from 1994, I would like to comment on it. A keyboard/drums duo from Rio De Janeiro (hey, the keyboardist is female! Guess the Japanese don't have a lock on prog-rock babes after all! ;-) ). There are guest musicians on bass, e/a guitars, recorder and krumhorn plus a Gregorian chant (by a Benedictine Monk!) on the 39 minute title track. This is an all digital recording and is beautifully done. The music is very classical in nature, with almost religious overtones. No flashy showmanship here, just stately, elegant music. If you like your prog to be more orchestral and want something to play on Sunday when you don't feel like going to church but still gotta have something spiritual, this is your CD! (Actually, having visited some of the ancient churches in Italy, I can visualize this music being performed there and think it would be a truly moving experience!) It may not be eligible for a best of '98, but it sure should have been on '94's list. Sorry, no label info (private release?).

From: "Carsten Busch"
Great band, both albums are highly recommended, although I favour the debut (Velha Gravura) just a little bit over Quasimodo. Don't know why. The debut has a bit more folky flavour, the second however is more varied with medieval influences, Gregorian chants and some keywork that should make Wakeman (and I love Rick!) jealous at places!

From: "Carsten Busch"
> ...so I take it you probably have heard Kaizen's " Gargula " too? If I remember right the guy behind Kaizen played violin for Quaterna Requiem, or am I mistaken? Perhaps my brains have turned to sand, oh me, oh my.
You're right. I forgot to mention this one in my previous reply. Great stuff as well. Word is that QR is working on their next album!

From: Lanzarini
They reissued the second disc (more 1048 copies) of Quasimodo. I talked lst week with Elisa and she told me that the 3rd disc (based in Architecture) was ready and mastered. Maybe on the next semester it will be printed. And a 4th Cd is on the way also. Jose Roberto Crivano is playing with Tempus Fugit but didn't left the band.

From: "Lanzarini" <>
A New CD from the band will be released on December. It was the live show of Rio Art Rock 1997 (opening for Par Lindh) and Kleber Vogel made a super special appearance on it.  As Quasimodo, it will be independent. The name is "Livre". The Cd will have probably 70 minutes and one unreleased track. Rock Symphony (www.rocksymphony.com) will release a double CD from RARF 97 and it will be one track from QR also.

 From: "Lanzarini" <>  How's the Quaterna Requiem live album?  Quite good, Jeff. The show was taken from Rio Art Rock Festival 1997, when Par Lind and band came here for the worldwide release of Mundus Imcompertus. The songs: Fanfarra, Quasimodo (parts a to d), Triade (unreleased track), Irm?s Grimm, Drum Solo, Velha Gravura (with 23 minutes, with Kleber Vogel on violin!). My impression is that Quaterna is always better live.

From: "Jeff Marx" <> Subject: Re: In the CD changer [was Re: Nexus]
> Jeff, What do you think of QR's "Livre"? There seem to be mixed responses about it, but I'm a great fan of there's so I'm interested.
There are sections that are truly outstanding...great keyboard and percussion work naturally. Sometimes the intensity drops down and the playing gets a bit loose. But their long pieces generally hold together pretty well, and you can't lose if you're a fan of the studio albums.