Morte Macabre Reviews

Also see: Anekdoten

From: "Richard Stockwell" <>
The December "ALBUM OF THE MONTH" (Cranium Music) is "Symphonic Holocaust" by MORTE MACABRE. MORTE MACABRE are two members of ANEKDOTEN (Nicklas Berq & Peter Nordius) plus two members of LANDBERK (Stefan Dimle & Reine Fiske). Both bands are from Sweden. On "Symphonic Holocaust" all the music (8 tracks) is taken from Horror Movies. Each member of MORTE MACABRE plays the Mellotron plus other instruments which are Fender Rhodes, Theremin, Sampler, Guitar, Bass, Moog, Violin, Drums & Percussion. It isn't only the Mellotrons that capture the eerie atmosphere of this soon to be classic but also the underrated and subtle guitar playing from Berg & Fiske who are two of the greatest  musical talents in the prog world today. The album is completely instrumental and music is played from the following movies: "City Of The Living Dead"; "The Beyond"; "Rosemary's Baby"; "Beyond The Darkness"; "Cannibal Holocaust"; "Golden Girls" and the bands own 17:51 min composition "Symphonic Holocaust which brings this release to a grand finale. The prog world is going to be talking about this music for a very long time to come as this is high quality musician ship combined with beautiful production and is worthy of being accepted by a far wider audience than just the prog community. What a great way to end 1998 with such a masterpiece.

From: "upnsm0ke" <>
Morte Macabre also recorded a version of Goblin's "Quiet Drops" for _E Suono Rock: A Tribute to Goblin_....4A recorded a somewhat different version of "Oblivion," which is found on the Goblin OST to "Dawn of the Dead," a.k.a. Zombi (now remastered, along with other titles), on the Cinevox label. I'm sure Cranium stocks all the Goblin stuff :-)

From: "Richard Stockwell" <>
Hi People, I just had to reiterate what I said last week about MORTE MACABBRE. What a stunning album. Sound samples will be on the Cranium site in the next 48 hours (we recorded them tonight, Monday 30th). Copies are now available at Cranium Music. In about a weeks time I'll also have the limited edition Digipak versions for those interested. This is my pick as the best Progressive album of 1998 AND unless there are any classics from the 90's I've missed, just quite possibly the best progressive album of the 90's. From all this, people now might just rediscover the beauty of LANDBERK.

From: "Mark Fonda"
np: Morte Macabre - Symphonic Holocaust (thanks, Richard... I like this album, but I wouldn't call it the Best of 1998. Basically, although there are 4 Mellotrons and a Moog listed in the credits, I really only hear guitar predominantly. It's neither dark nor powerful... just somber and brooding... maybe it will grow on me, but I doubt it).

From: "Richard Stockwell" <>
Play it when you are in different frames of mind until it hits that magic spot .... it is an album of great beauty Mark. It's dark in a brooding way and its power comes through in the somberness. I like the subtleness of the music. Morte Macabre won't hit you between the eyes, it subtly gets in.

From: "Shipley, Craig" <>
Any of you heard this one? Made up of members of Landberk & Anekdoten and, from what I read in EXPOSE, it is a Mellotrons' fan wet dream. Made up of cover tunes from old horror movies, with even one from Goblin, with the 18-minute title track being an original piece by the band members. I might have a chance to snag a copy while I'm here in California and wanted to see it there was any of you out there with an opinion on it.

From: "Jim Gualtieri" <>
For what it's worth, I love Mellotron as much as anyone and "dark" music as well, but I couldn't get into this one. The long title track is really just a jam.