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PROG-REVIEWS NR 1 - 2001 (Laren d'Or Special)
LAREN D'OR - War of Angels (Synthphonia & Progressive) selection
A very special compilation of the internet-only version double album
Time: 72:49
Rating: * * * * ?
Selection from the War of Angels (Synthphonia) album: 1. 4.12 (April Ride) (2:58) 2. Fifth Dream (11:09) 3. Gothic I-V (13:31) 4. Heart of a Dragon (7:59) 5. War of Angels (4:55) Selection from the War of Angels (Progressive) album: 6. Purification (3:14) 7. Sidestep Walking (3:46) 8. Swarming (2:50) 9. Arcadia (10:49) 10. Precursor I (2:50) 11. Precursor II (3:14) 12. Pearldance (2:22) 13. Liberate Me (3:06)
All tracks composed and played by Laren d'Or
Attila H?er are a Hungarian composer who started taking piano lessons at the age of six. He's influences comes from soundtracks, classical music (Bach, Liszt, Wagner, Vivaldi), recent keyboard artists (Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, Mike Oldfield, Pink Floyd, Genesis, Jean-Michel Jarr? Yes, Solaris), modern music (Moby, The Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers, Massive Attack, Morcheeba) and contemporary composers (Michael Nyman and Philip Glass), but also authors such as Stanislaw Lem, Strugatsky Brothers and Ray Bradbury. When he started to write and perform his own music to a bigger audience, he took the name Laren d'Or after his favourite fantasy hero. He's career started as a composer for computer games, and he has composed music for over 20 games.
Laren d'Or's extended and internet-only double album "War of Angels" are divided into two parts: "Synthphonia" and "Progressive". It's an electronic instrumental tour de force, which contains reminiscences from the main part of his influences. Some elements of his music reminds a lot of music for computer games or movie soundtracks, but most of all the Mike Oldfield, Pink Floyd, Tangerine Dream, Vangelis and Wagner influences are shown. The music is very well composed with a good production, and it ranges from quiet and beautiful to bombastic and dramatic. Really exciting!
The music might not be that original but it can easily be compared to Vangelis when it comes to musical qualities, compositions and performance, because Laren d'Or are a true virtuoso and keyboard wizard. Highly recommended if you're into instrumental electronic and/or classical music.
-Reviewed by Greger R?nqvist-
Contact: Official website of Attila H?er aka Laren d'Or: (All cinematic soundtracks for Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future, contains reviews, interviews, critics, CV, photo, game project list, links to audio files (both gamish and own) you can download)
Laren d'Or (Attila H?er) at (Synthphonia & progressive music - streaming/play tracks, download mp3 or order CD)
Attila H?er at (Video game music excerpts from projects: Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future, Wacky Races, Contra '96 & '97, Tiny Tank and Three Dirty Dwarves)
Attila H?er H-1201 Budapest Attila u. 8. III. 9. HUNGARY
Fax: +36 1 283 0113 E-mail:
Laren d'Or News
Laren d'Or is currently working on the release for his new album "Books". He has also released some music in another musical direction on under the name of Al Norder. The whole album entitled "Real Nord" is available at
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From: "Attila Heger" <> Subject: Laren d'Or news - demo track is available from the next album
Dear Prog fans, Hereby I would like to invite you to listen to my "SNIPPETS FROM MY BOOKS" track, which is a short preview from my next album, the BOOKS.It includes 30-50 second excerpts from most of the tracks. All songs on this album were inspired by novels and heroes of Orson Scott Card (the famous USA sci-fi author), Ian Watson (same in GB) and Harrison Fawcett, a Hungarian writer, who became last year the winner of the most famous Hungarian sci-fi award (Zsoldos P?er award).
My new album consists of three parts. The atmosphere and instrumentation of the first three pieces merge progressive rock features tying with elegance the synthesizer focused fist melodies to the final classical theme. Strings and chores in this theme lead up the next section consisting of three violin and cello pieces. The dynamism and the close rhythm here together with ethnic elements make sure this is a very exciting part of the album. In the final part, the first song, Ordo Malleus takes you back to synthesizer tunes, and the very last piece contains all the styles heard so far on the album.
Songs as they follow: 1/ The Guardians, 2/ Hive Queen, 3/ Cathedral, 4/ Anguis, 5/ Palmyra, 6/ Praetorians, 7/ Ordo Malleus, 8/ Stockbauer, 9/ Jane, 10/ Speaker for the Death.
I thank you so much in advance your kind comments, all the best, Laren d'Or -

From: "Andrew J. Rozsa" <> Subject: Laren d'Or - "War of Angels" review
Laren d'Or (Attila H?er) "War of Angels (Synthphonia)" Cat. #69634
Track list 1. 4.12 (April Ride) [2:56] 2. Fifth Dream [11:07] 3. Gothic I-V [13:29] 4. Panon Theme [3:08] 5. Heart of the Dragon [7:57] 6. War of Angels [4:53]
This gent feels and expresses dramatically. like a good Hungarian should. Large sound. bombastic, complex, well steeped in the classics. Would not be surprised to learn that Attila H?er is seriously classically trained, since his technique is impeccable. "War of Angels" should appeal to e-progfans since it's all synths and tells a story. Truly a one-man show, Laren d'Or transports you to fairyland musical scapes that range from the luminous to the darkest dark. you can touch the dragon on track 5. Track 3 ("Gothic I-V") is a genuine medieval tour-de force. The sounds are richly textured, pleasantly broad dynamically, and engaging. My only regret is that the album didn't go on for another 30 mins or so. What a delightful surprise this has turned out to be. I will be back at the mp3 site to get the rest of Laren d'Or's albums. The price (about $8) is unbeatable. I highly recommend it to e-progand synths aficionados.

From: "Attila Heger" <> Subject: to Conrad and Andrew (Re: War of Angels)
I suppose there are some misunderstandigs about the two WoA albums... If you order an album (any album) at MP3.COM you will receive not only a beautiful cover and booklet with your new CD, but besides the mp3 format you will get the WHOLE ALBUM IN TRADITIONAL AUDIO (RED BOOK) FORMAT AS WELL!!!! What is more! You will get a bonus multimedia stuff, like as stories of the tracks, lyrics, info and photo of the artist, etc.). Thanx again to Andrew for the excellent review :) all the best, Attila the shorter URL: