Hawkwind Reviews

From: Karen Kusic <> Subject: Re: Hawkwind
Great to see this band pop up on e-Prog! I'm also a member of the Hawkwind mailing list.
For more info on what Hawkwind's been up to, here's a link to an excellent recap of recent events:
And, the main link where you can view/search the mailing list archives online:

From: "Frank Blades" <>
Wow, all this Hawkwind stuff,
Where to start... back in 1976 when I was first getting into prog a friend lent me Space Ritual. I thought it was crap.
Time passed...
Got into them in the early 1980s when I was at University and saw them a couple of times on thwe Chose Your Masques and Sonic Attack tours. Vinyl collection started growing...
More time passed...
Just recently, I have got back into them in a big way. I recently picked up three albums at Fopp Records for ?5.00 each (UK classic rock fans, check this chain out!!!!). About ten minutes ago, I got confirmation of buying Levitation on Ebay for not much more. And I am slowly building up the collection on CD.
Also, I saw the band this summer at the Canterbury Festival. They are excellent live. Huw Lloyd Langton is back with the band and I love his guitar sound. Richard mentioned Mrs HLL; I have been in contact with her for a while, and she is a nice lady. Alan (now Ali??) Davey seems to be doing the vocals now - I guess his work with Bedouin stands him in good stead. Dave Brock looks old and petrified (and not in the scared way!) behind the keyboards but still getting those synths sounds - and Simon House's violin was really effective.
The last few months were totally crazy at work, and I missed the autumn Hawkwind tour which was a bit stupid considering what my job it (we produce gig listings!!!!) but I would highly recommend you see them - if anything they are sounding better than in the 1980s.
> I've got Time of the Hawklords. Enjoyed it a lot! I understood there was a > sequel to it in the 80's, but never confirmed the rumor.
Aha - I can confirm it was release because I have the sequel but not the first one. If I can find it at home maybe we can do a book share!!!!
> Stacia
The idea of a girl with big knockers dancing naked for your delictation is a concept I rarely have outside 'those dreams' - but that was Stacia. It sound all good and well, but check those pictures out and you see she was not the gorgious dryadic tempress you were maybe hopeing for. A big girl, I think you'll agree - and I heard she was over 6' tall with it. Apparently she volunteered to dance with the band, and no-one had the nerve to say no! She'd eat Britney for lunch!!!!
> Are they prog?
Bear in mind that 'what is prog' depends on your definitions. Classic rock, defintely; also falling into the 'contemporary rock' label. Space rock? Well, Hawkwind define the genre - they are and were space rock. If loads of keyboards, strong instrumetal elements, long songs, weird surreal lyrics and concept albums maketh a prog band, then Hawkwind were at ProgCentral before most of you were born! But they aren't Marillion:) I like 'em - that's good enough for me!!!