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From: Andrew Rozsa <>
Vedres Csaba's solo album Vedres Csaba - "Mesek, Levelek" (Tales, Letters) Schober KKT Zenekiado, 1999 SKKTCD182
Just finished listening to this solo album by Townscream's keyboardist (ex-After Crying). The album is Satie-esc. Original compositions, almost all for piano only, exception being a couple tracks, including a mix of "Igy Szolt a Madar" from Townscream's "Nagyvarosi Ikonok." The first part, 'The Tales of a Dark Room," is said to have been inspired by Chick Corea's 'Children's Songs.' The pieces are moody and have elements of rock, jazz, and classical music. Track 5 (most are just numbered) is almost a shredder piece. Some wonderful lyrical passages elsewhere. The second part, 'Letters' (tracks 11-22) is about the "modern man's monotonous life, his closed heart, all behind his racing lifestyle. Perhaps it's the same end of millennium living condition for everyone - is this romantic? I don't know." Track 20 (Sodrasban - Drifted) is amazing. I loved the album and put in the same class with Keith Jarret's "Koln Concerts." Will anyone else like it? Not if you are a diehard ProgRock only fan. As After Crying would say "this is not progressive's contemporary music." Strictly for Vedres Csaba/Townscream/After Crying aficionados. Buy it if you like Eric Satie.

From: "Andrew J. Rozsa" <> Subject: Re: new Vedres Csaba and Korai Orom available
Some of you here it is: I found a Hungarian source for Vedres Csaba and Korai Orom.
I bought the following:
Vedres Csaba: "Zongorazene" (Piano Music) CD; XP006
Vedres Csaba: "EPHATA I. - Tortured & Formatted" CD; XP013
Vedres Csaba: "L?ekt?c" (Spirit Dance) CD; SKKTCD202
Korai ??: "2001", CD; KORAI0006
and Emil is selling them for $10 a piece plus $5 for shipping... so the 4 CDs above will cost $45, everything included. Emil Biljarszki is the promoter and manager for the group Korai Orom (see reviews at e-progWeb site) and now also the export manager for Fono Records (Hungary).
Write him directly at <> or visit the store at: and check out the Katalogus. They are listing only the new stuff, but they have a lot, if not everything we need from Vedres and Korai Orom.  I have asked about Solaris and After Crying,  will let you know.  Don't' worry about the Hungarian. They speak English and eventually will have everything tri-lingually. Meanwhile, ask me... I will translate, or look for stuff for you.

From: "Andrew J. Rozsa" <> Subject: Re: new Vedres Csaba and Korai Orom available
>Any musical thoughts or insights you might happen across whilst spinning all those nice Vedres CDs would be welcome reading :)
As a mediocre pianist (at my best) I have a great appreciation for good keyboard players. Whilst I am disappointed that Townscream is not the commercial success I had hoped for, at least we get Csaba's solo work. What I have heard so far is whimsical, moody, and exploratory. I think he is evolving... will be interesting to see to where or into what. :-)

From: "Andrew & Jo Holborn" <> Subject: Re: In the CD changer [was Re: Nexus]
Hey Andrew, I really Love Townscream. Where is the Csaba Vedres "Mire Megvirrad - Stanislawski dalok" available from? Also, I think I remember you saying you have the Solaris keyboard player Robert Erdesz's cd. I believe its a mixture of prog and world. Can you provide us with further details please Andrew?
Re: Finisterre. Anyone who likes them but with a more symphonic touch should check out their Hostsonaten releases. I'll post a separate msg about that.