Atavism of Twilight Reviews

From: Mark Fonda
Anyone ever hear of the West Coast USA band ATAVISM? If so, how is their music? They are opening for Ars Nova tomorrow in San Francisco per this note from Expose Concert Series Promotions: wrote:
> ATAVISM INFO: For those of you unfamiliar with this band, they are a five piece who have released one album on Greg Walker?s label (1995). The group has dramatically expanded it?s repertoire since then with an entirely new, stronger set. Atavism has also opened for both Deus Ex Machina and Djam Karet this year and is closely aligned with the west coast progressive movement. We?re sure you will enjoy both bands on Saturday night.
> Jeff Melton, ECSP, ecsp97 @, ECSP Website :
In the Syn-Phonic catalog, here's what it says:
> ATAVISM OF TWILIGHT - SAME - Long awaited CD release of excellent instrumental prog rock. 4 long tracks. Recommended!
Note: Atavism IS actually a real word which means 'the recurrence of a hereditary characteristic that skipped several generations'.

From: Mark Fonda <>
Here's what GEPR has:
> Atavism Of Twilight [USA]
> Atavism of Twilight (92)
> One of the best bands to emerge in 1992, though unfortunately their sole release is currently available only in cassette format. The music owes equal debt to the symphonic and fusion realms. In fact, AoT reminds me of a cross between two excellent bands, ?glag?d (symphonic) and Djam Karet (fusion). Indeed, AoT has opened for Djam Karet in concert and DK's Chuck Oken engineered the AoT release. "Audion" described Atavism of Twilight's music as an amalgam of Italian progressive, King Crimson, and Mahavishnu Orchestra with flute ala Camel and Solaris, which is pretty accurate. Certainly, the flute playing is very melodic, standing out nicely against washes of mellotron (on "Glorified Form," for example). The melodic lines often sound pastoral, belying the rhythm section that is always ready to burn and constantly hinting at the barnstormer that could burst forth at any moment. When the rhythm section does finally kick into overdrive, just watch out. The guitar scorches, the flute becomes frantic, the mellotron sings forth and the whole band explodes in dynamic fury, laying waste to all that holds against it. Get it and get out of the way! -- Mike Taylor
> Known best for opening at Djam Karet's most recent show, this is yet another band from the Los Angeles area making progressive music. An instrumental five piece consisting of flute, guitar, keys, bass, and drums, this is the best new band I've heard since ?glag?d. An amalgam of fusion and symphonic styles, they draw from bands such as Camel, Jethro Tull, Focus, Kenso, Mirthrandir, and many, many others. Perhaps they are closer to Kenso than any of the other bands listed above, but this cassette contains more fervor than any of the Kenso releases. Non-stop action, they combine sophisticated writing skill with knock-out, firey playing. The compositions are upbeat without sounding campy. Atavism consists of ever-changing motifs and leads, avoiding the "repetition trap" that all too many instrumental bands fall into. Each musician is considerably skilled and all contribute equally to lead and rhythm parts. The drums, flute and guitar are particularly busy. Unlike many bands that play complex music, Atavism of Twilight never becomes too esoteric or academic. They remain listenable, and have a universal appeal. I think most prog-heads will like this tape, and I recommend it very highly - this is brilliant material. -- Mike Borella

From: Mark Fonda <>
This album was recorded in 1992 and digitally mastered for CD in 1998 on the Syn-Phonic label. The artists are: Stephen Foti - Flute; Richard Carson - Drums; Sean Greer - Keyboards; Evan Guest - Guitar; Aaron Kenyon - Bass Guitar; Joel Connell - Percussion on "Thousand Year".
There are four long tracks: Glorified Form 13:24; Pillar of Salt 7:21; The Appearance of Gazoo 11:35; The Thousand Year Roundabout 8:49 (total: 41:17).
The musicianship is superb and all the instruments gel together wonderfully. It is 100% instrumental and like I said it is very much like the latest Djam Karet release 'The Devouring', but with ample segments of flute which is why it also reminds me of Solaris' 'Martian Chronicles'.  Overall it is a bit more subdued than either of those albums, but it is so smooth and consistent, with an almost jazzy feel to it that this is an excellent upbeat party atmosphere type album that I can't see anyone not liking it. Their mailing address is Ontario, California... no website is given. I have given this a lot of play time recently so I do recommend it to anyone who likes Djam Karet or Solaris or even Volare's 'The Uncertainty Principle'. If they are back together and producing more music, watch out for this group!!

From: Salmacis <>
Anyone know if Atavism of Twilight ever released anything beyond their independent debut cassette? I absolutely LOVE that first release, and I would love to have it on CD, or hear anything that followed it up! Anyone with info, please let me know.

From: August Smarra <>
Syn-Phonic released an Atavism Of Twilight CD last year. It was recorded in 1992. I've only listened to it once so far and really enjoyed it. On the order of Happy The Man with what sounds like some great improv sections. The musicianship and creativity make up for any small imperfections in the recording.

From: Salmacis
Well, I've decided that I MUST get Atavism of Twilight's CD from Synphonic. I shall order today. I took Track 1, "Glorified Form" from my cassette, and put it on one of my many "Lorne's Compilation" CDs... listening to it as I type, and I can't get enough. I never tire of this album (not dissimilar to Anglagard's "Hybris")... so it is time to get the actual CD. I could just burn it from my cassette copy, but I would prefer the legit release in this case. Does anyone else find this an extraordinary album?

From: "Alexandre A. S."
I do! I also have their demo tape, and it's amazing! I got it many years ago, when it was first released (about the same time as Anglagard's "Hybris"!), so you can imagine how interesting that was!

From: David Kuznick <>
Atavism of Twilight - same** '92, U S A , Sympho - Good, sometimes angular symphonic prog. Marred a bit by poor production, but the playing is very good.